Founded in 1991, Özçiçek inşaat is guided by the realization that the right architecture determines individual, social life and quality of life. Based on this consciousness, every Özçiçek construction project, carefully thought out, is designed taking into account a sensitive understanding of nature, social and physical conditions.

As Özçiçek Inşaat, which adheres to the philosophy of continuous development and modernization, since our foundation, many qualified, modern and user-friendly residential projects have been developed, and more than 1,000 residential buildings have been completed.

With a service concept based on overall quality management, we, Özçiçek Inşaat, strive to continuously provide a high level of customer satisfaction from the project development stage to after-sales service.

We continue to lead the industry thanks to our Viamar projects, consisting of 9 similar concepts developed by us taking into account the quality of Özçiçek construction, exquisite architectural details and rich social equipment.

Özçiçek Architecture with its experience and vision, strives to bring a completely new style to the architectural sector and has won universal trust and recognition, thanks to numerous successful projects implemented over the years, he presents you with unique designs and special projects with his experience and an experienced team at all stages of design, from conceptual design to project management.

Risky structures to be demolished in urban transformation are determined by the institutions and organizations licensed by the Ministry. As Akdeniz Urban Transformation, we have successfully completed many urban transformation projects with the ministry approved license we have and we continue our services with our competent and experienced staff for your small, medium or large scale projects.

We bring together architecture, engineering and construction support, which is mandatory for the earthquake-resistant renovation of your building or structure, which will be subject to urban transformation, with the expertise of the Mediterranean Urban Transformation.

Akdeniz Building Audit was established to undertake the supervision of all construction activities with its experienced staff and continues all building inspection services successfully without sacrificing quality.

In order to survive earthquakes and other natural disasters with minimal damage, Building Inspection is primary and vital importance. As Akdeniz Yapı Auditing, we are aware of this and we serve with the motivation of contributing to the peaceful life of our people in the buildings without worrying about natural disasters.

Our office, which has been providing transparent, reliable accounting and financial consultancy support to companies and taxpayers since the day we were established, is catching up with the era with developing and changing systems for accurate and lossless management of financial processes. With our expert team in the field, we offer special solutions for the financial and accounting needs of all companies.

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Project Request Form

Fill the information completely. Our customer representative will call you as soon as possible.

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